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How much do you know supermarket shelves of choose and buy?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-17
In leisure, we summarize the rule of a few years, really want to buy customers to warehouse supermarket shelves or exhibition hall will be want to do in-depth understanding, and customers have such a habit, to understand and then purchase the habit, it's like we usually go to the supermarket to buy things, go to the supermarket after understanding, we will decide do you want to buy, this is a good buying habits, is also common. In the process of buying supermarket shelves, many clients have this or that kind of problems, we made a summary, roughly the following: 1, shelf price; 2, the thickness of the layer board; 3, the thickness of the pillar; 4, the price and make out an invoice, customer needs to make out an invoice, also some customers are not open law, specific depends, at present our company make out an invoice, is generally 10% tax; 5, delivery and so on a series of problems; 6, the shelves of the material; 7, whether easy off paint; After understanding these problems, you are afraid you can't buy contentment supermarket shelves?
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