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How much is the price of the shelves? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
As is known to all, a little store not to buy a few set of shelves. Is used to display of goods but also to improve store professional image. But speaking of shelves of purchasing, is facing the novice operators a big problem. Before buying shelves, many people are concerned about the price problem, good preparing for money. The guangzhou shelves supplier' Hshelf shelf 】 How much should I prepare to buy shelves just to tell you about, want to know to learn together. 1, the shelf prices are influenced by what factors? Any shelves are not unified pricing standard, according to the material, size, design and production process is different, the final price also have some differences. And different shelf, shelf company will give different price. 2, what material the shelves of the cheapest? Commonly used shelf material such as iron, steel and steel also, including iron shelves the cheapest price. But iron shelves are easy to rust, long-term use of impression show effect not only, also affect the service life. And steel shelves design is good, bearing strong, long service life, in general, higher cost performance. How much should I prepare 3, buy shelves? Want to know how much should I prepare to buy shelves, must first clear the material, size and style you choose, etc. ; The second is to make sure you want to buy wholesale order or; The last is to determine shelves manufacturers. Buy a set the price of a single shelf is about 180 ~ 380 yuan/set, double-sided shelf price is about 580 ~ 880 yuan/group. In a convenience store 50 square meters, for example, the whole store shelves procurement costs ( Convenience store shelves smoke wine shelf convenience store cashier, etc. ) In about 5000 ~ 10000. Want to spread the retail store well, nature is little not to purchase a batch of high-quality shelves. Above is the guangzhou shelves manufacturers' Hshelf shelf 】 Everyone to clean the related issues about shelf purchase price, want to learn more shelves knowledge, or any order or shouyin wholesale demand, welcome to come to consult.
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