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How pharmacy shelves display the correlation of drug? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Pharmacy shelves should pay attention to relevant design layout, display also linked to drug. So, pharmacy operators should how to display shelves of relevance? A row of management, what is the goods? Display row of management, namely the planned commodity display shelf space range, has a great effect to improve the efficiency of the shop, pharmacy. Second, the row of goods management should pay attention to? Goods sales how often will directly determine the number of row of goods, that is to say, the best-selling products to give more row of Numbers, the display of large space; For fewer goods or unsalable goods sales are less row of Numbers or not to, or even to eliminate out into it. Three, how to do our best selling items of management? 1. Row of the protection and control in time for selling goods. 2. Best-selling merchandise sales quickly, pay attention to the timely replenishment. 3. To prevent drug occupied the row of our best selling items. Are the relevant article recommended the pharmacy shelf installation method? Six step allows you to easily install 【 Break down 】 Pharmacy shelves installation steps and methods of pharmacy shelves display technique, pharmacy shelves of the main items
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