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How to customize for warehouse storage shelves suitable solution

by:Hshelf     2020-06-02
How to customize the warehouse storage shelves suitable solution

storage shelves is mainly different from supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves, besides has the storage function is another important function of display function. Its height is usually design basis for people's height, so most of the supermarket shelves focuses more on the 3 m the following structure design. Relative to the supermarket shelves, storage shelves, widely used in industrial warehouse more focus on up development, make full use of storage space, can achieve more than 40 meters height, the design of the large logistics center can be a library shelf one-piece structure, namely first build shelves, shelves for the structure of the support structure, building after building structure, such as walls, roofs, etc. The emphasis is on storage, make full use of space and another important function - — Rapid processing goods circulation forms of storage shelves. Two shelves of the different function, the structure is also a far cry from. So for storage space design corresponding reasonable suitable storage shelves must be fully consider the following five key elements.

( 1) The warehouse architecture ( Highly available | | floor beam position conditions | fire prevention facilities) Storage devices must be taken into consideration when choosing the shelves under the beam height, to determine the shelf height. While the beam position affects the configuration of shelf. Floor bear strength, surface roughness is also associated with the design and installation of shelves. In addition still must consider the installation position of fire prevention facilities and lighting facilities.

( 2) Item properties ( Size | | weight store digits | storage unit)

store items of shape and size, directly related to the selected shelves specification, store the weight of the article chooses which directly affect the strength of the shelves. And storage units, storage, on what basis the tray ( Pallet) Or storage cage or item have different type of shelves to choose. Also forecasts the total store the number of digits, must consider the company in the growth of demand over the next two years. These data can be obtained via storage system analysis, also can request we give some to the shelves in the design of the room before designed

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