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The convenience store shelves on the choice which are need to pay attention to small details _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
Used in the convenience store shelves now many small supermarket, but we when choosing it's attention to some places like guangzhou Hshelf shelves co. , LTD to you about below. 1, purchase convenience store shelves don't just pay attention to the overall quality of the convenience store, or the number of layer board thickness, more attention should be paid to carefully choose the price ticket, especially some free price ticket, must pay more attention to, basically, change the label is the most often do work in operation and convenience stores, if quality closes nevertheless, to change a lot, not only time-consuming, it is easy to affect the store sales. 2, shelves must be consistent when buy, the overall shape and color to be consistent, light box and the selection of light boxes in the same partition also had better consistent, integral collocation also wants to coordinate, in some obvious big partition also should have clear distinction, color is bright, let customers know what they are into the store to buy goods to position. 3, some measures to prevent fragile items must do, must use some special hooks, and some of the great weight of commodities such as grain and oil surface must consider good shelf bearing limits. So, the convenience store shelves on the choice don't go for its quality, and have a look at these details on things too. Relevant article recommended how to display a convenience store shelves attract customers convenience store shelves size and putting skills | supermarket convenience store shelves manufacturer
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