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The development trend of logistics equipment, logistics system

by:Hshelf     2020-06-16
Logistics equipment, logistics system development trend of the logistics system technology is an important part of manufacturing technology, mechanical design, computer science, management and automation control technology is a comprehensive technology. In the late 1990 s, all manufacturers and distributors to continue under all kinds of pressure, including: product orders are smaller and more frequent, product demand changing and more customization and service value increase, etc. Operators must take the plant to run to the order of mixing, shorter the order cycle time and higher production capacity. Must adopt certain strategies to adapt to constantly improve the requirements of the inventory management, flexible operation, and the degree of process integration. Concentrated in the supply chain to transfer, to combine or eliminate some processes, making factory and warehouse logistics and information flow more efficient. In these changes under the requirements of modern logistics technology show some new development trends from various aspects. In a broad sense, logistics refers to the material entities and places of carrier ( Or position) Transfer and time, namely the physical flow of material entity process. It is in the production and consumption is separated from the time and space and the growing situation of organic cohesion 'for' and the 'to', guarantee social production smoothly, and achieved good economic benefit and developed a science. Logistics is the problem to be solved is the mechanization, automation and rationalization of logistics activities, in order to realize the logistics system of time and space efficiency. Logistics system is to point to in a certain amount of time and space, by the required materials and including related equipment, transportation tools, storage equipment, personnel and communication links the dynamic constrained factors constitute a organic whole with specific functions. With the development of computer science and automation technology, logistics management system from the simple way to quickly and automation management evolution, the main sign is automatic logistics equipment. Development up to now, the logistics system is a typical application of the combination of modern machinery and electronics system. Modern logistics system consists of semi-automatic, automatic and intelligent logistics equipment and logistics management and control system by computers. Any kind of logistics equipment have to accept the management of the logistics system of computer control, accept instructions from the computer, to complete its action, feedback action execution or the condition of the current situation. Logistics equipment of high intelligent degree of autonomy, better able to identify the path and the environment, itself a certain data processing function. Modern logistics equipment is based on computer science and electronic technology, combined with the traditional mechanical discipline development of electromechanical integration equipment. From the perspective of the management and control of logistics system, computer network and database technology adoption is the premise of the system to normal operation. The application of simulation technology to make logistics system design at a higher level. Logistics has become the basis of concurrent engineering and the component of CIMS.
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