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Titanium alloy exhibition stand - classification Supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15
Classification of titanium alloy exhibition stand first to introduce titanium alloy material, the titanium alloy material is aluminium ingot after abrasive extrusion surface electrophoresis treatment can produce different colors to processing molding, and also with the development of science and technology and the market demand rising titanium alloy frames into the shelf industry market step by step and will be welcomed by the masses of users and love, because of the titanium alloy frames have obvious colour collocation produce visual more image effect of publicity and communicate. Has obvious advantages in titanium alloy exhibition frame material can be used repeatedly and customized casual, unlimited specifications size, can be adapted to the, automotive supplies, electronic products, high-quality goods, jewelry, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition, costumes, store, drug store, the mobile phone shop, store, jewelry, jade, gold, boutiques, specialty, food and other places, can make the brand image and light boxes synchronization and store content ark and glass door configuration professional lock, can be a variety of decorative materials, such as wood, trough plate, perforated plate, glass, acrylic, etc. Titanium alloy frames classification can be divided into; Exhibition frame, titanium alloy titanium alloy under, titanium rack, titanium bar, titanium alloy high-quality goods shelves, rotating frames, titanium alloy users in the choice of titanium alloy frames at the same time can choose according to the industry.
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