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Boutique shops designed three skills _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
Along with the development of the era of economy, more and more experience of offline store opening, in constantly boutique is one of them, boutique consumers mainly young now, they have high on goods outside light and practical requirements, when choosing boutique consumption, also can have their own requirements, not choose some relatively backward boutique goods of choose and buy, it's design is put forward requirements for competing goods store, more requirements are put forward for boutique shelves. 1, regional design to reasonable large boutique shop space is large, can do more on comfort and image design, and small boutiques inside limited space, each region should be carefully designed. As the cashier area, sales area is Paramount. Through the use of multifunctional cashier, for example, increase the display area, using combined promotion and sales promotion, according to the sales promotion theme adjust position and display. 2, store display props good boutique, will choose the high quality display props, choose experienced veteran manufacturers. So we can guarantee the delivery date and maintenance. Can also according to the shop shape, specially make appropriate display props, rich display mode. 3 scientific layout, store some small boutique shops appear cluttered space reasons, tend to be display shelf layout design is not reasonable, lead to the layout of the store is disorder. So when buying display shelves need to professional design personnel information, through the experience and technology to design scientific layout, can let a space to good use.
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