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Design the route design of _ 【 bookshops Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-21
About the bookstore display design, a lot of people think that is how to put goods, make personalized scene display and so on. Actually, these proved to be more important, but there is a more important place need professional design, route design is the design! What is the route planning and design? Is starting from the customer in the door, through the store shelves put, lighting and sign guide, make the customer in accordance with the designed route to browse the store. Through dynamic line planning and design, can guide the customer according to the wishes to browse our store, if use a line design of good, got a lot of ascension will let the customer shopping experience. Conversely, if use a line of chaos and customer always repeat route, watch the repeat goods, or channel is too narrow, let the customer produce crowded move, will greatly reduce the customer's interest in shopping. Large book display, at the time of the route planning, consideration should be given to the overall planning of the store, the layout of the bookstore shelves, the classification of commodity sales area, entrance, channel, window, etc. The display design of the magnet, corner, end use, and so on. Here, Hshelf shelves small make up remind you: the bookstore -process design is very important, large shops must ask professional personage to design, route design good, will bring twice the result with half the effort. Use a line design is very important in the bookshops, done, then a wide variety of goods on display. Bookshops, is the purpose of through the display, enlarge the characteristics of this kind of goods, by making the conflicts or contrast on the vision, make goods focused in front of the customer. Can through the following method to form the visual conflict. Level 1, 2, volume 3 are exhibited, bump color collocation 4, depth collocation 5, scene display these are practical way of display collocation.
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