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Different supermarkets need to adopt different supermarket shelves layout

by:Hshelf     2020-06-08

is called a horse to the saddle, shoes to fit, how the supermarket what will need to use the supermarket shelves, different area, different space, will require a different layout, it is very important, this is the first impression of your supermarket of the user, this list can be careless.

the layout in the supermarket, we manufacturer of supermarket shelves have many different layout plan, can meet the various demands of different supermarkets, and we have professionals to the field observation, professional planning and design, let you of the supermarket is different, this is our best selling point supermarket shelves manufacturers.


supermarket shelves of the lattice type layouts, it is a very traditional forms, in many of the supermarkets now is to use the pattern layout, is between the supermarket shelves and customer shopping channel form rectangular arrangement, advantage is that without special custom, can save cost.

supermarket shelves of island type layout such decorate each island which is discrete form, put in the middle of supermarket shelves and commodities, are better suited to store this type form. It can form different islands, is the advantage of increased supermarket decoration and beautification effect, but also can rise to highlight the brand effect, has great advantage to the brand display.

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