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Double-sided backplane shelf - Supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Often go to the supermarket friend should have seen the goods in the shop are put very orderly, actually the goods is not only put part of the credit, to a great extent, but also for double-sided backplane shelf, to get the goods so has tonic. Rolled our special this double-sided backplane shelf, the benefits of it is to accommodate more than ordinary shelves under a lot of things, and the space that the supermarket shelves, it is also a shelf larger than normal, but do not think that it will covers an area of big, but it is not, it's area is similar to ordinary shelves, only the side of the different places is that it is also able to visit the goods. The shelves it also very popular in many markets, but also guaranteed the quality of this supermarket shelves it, is one of our manufacturer of choice for consumers, the product.
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