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Happy home life _ 【 preferred supermarket space design Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Design concept: rigorous, concise geometrical line, pure, delicate Lifestyle, this is guangzhou Hshelf shelves for boutique supermarket design language interpretation. With color and elements show post-modern style, slam the door too much design language, change numerous for brief, in the form of a few, the essence and nature of the performance space. Decoration design: in terms of planning and design and decoration design, breaking the 'commodity group of' oriented thinking, based on customer needs as the guidance of 'life blocks scene', further to attract people to interact with the supermarket, improve customer stickiness. At the same time, large area USES the edge geometry, to keep the balance of space. With bright green, brings the visual experience of differentiation. Store props: stores props all choose Hshelf shelves design, steel wood fruit shelves, contracted and delicate, not overmuch adornment, only with the right of space and color balance. Instead of the intrinsic form, exhibition stand with creative space protean, break the predicament of thousands stores one side.
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