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How to determine the shape of pile head _ 【 for boutique supermarket shelves Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
Boutique supermarket shelves of the shape of the pile head has the following several: a, planar: refers to the boutique supermarket shelves pile head is tiled display the surface of the goods. Second, trapezoidal: refers to the shelves on the pile head of the small. Three, contour: general boutique supermarket shelves pile head is square, but according to the characteristics of the goods and the actual need, can design different shelves pile head shape, such as dragon boat in the shape of a coke zongzi pile head and cylindrical pile head, strewn at random discretion interesting cosmetic cases and pile head. Different goods can choose different shelves pile head shape, every employee can play their own subjective initiative, the design of different pile head shape, but it is important to note that the following aspects: 1, according to the characteristics of goods shelves of the shape of the pile head to select, from the shelves of the shape of the pile head reminiscent of pile head on the display of goods, zongzi pile head shaped like a dragon, the dragon boat and reminds people of the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and reminiscent of want to eat dumplings, so as to promote the sale of goods. 2, in order to increase the expressive force of the commodity and selected according to the shape of goods shelves of the shape of the pile head, such as sales of Coca-Cola pile head fashioned into cylindrical, its purpose is to the shape of the Coca-Cola cylindrical play acme, attract the attention of people, enhance the customer the impression of our products, so as to promote sales. 3, in a piece of all square pile head to join one or two middle of the pile head contour shelf, can enhance the activity of the boutique supermarket, but the position of the pile head must be put in the front of a pile head of the center position, and surrounding shelf pile head is coordinated. Remember: display boutique supermarket shelves is to to promote sales of pile head, therefore the practicability in the first place. And shelves selection of the shape of the pile head have to consider the Labour cost and material cost, depending on the high-quality goods supermarket's own economic ability. Relevant article recommended boutique supermarket shelves have what characteristic high-quality goods supermarket shelves how many money? Boutique wholesale supermarket shelves preferred manufacturers
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