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How to reduce the warehouse shelves collapse accident safety accident

by:Hshelf     2020-06-02
A warehouse for channel too narrow, forklift driver is not specification operation lead to channel a row of beam shelves collapse, fortunately, forklift driver response fast enough at the time, no casualties. But the economic loss caused. The whole process of the video below was happened. FMCG library or spare parts warehouse shelves collapse accident possibility is not big, but the event can cause huge impact and consequences. Now the warehouse is becoming more and more high, more and more big, we must recognize that for the warehouse operators and their customers, shelf collapse is very serious, there is the risk of personal injury and even death. So what is the shelf collapse causes? How to reduce the warehouse shelves collapse accident safety accident? Most shelves collapse is preventable, through analyzing the cause of shelf collapsed, we can take corresponding measures, precautions, put an end to shelves collapse accidents. Here are on shelves of the library security accident causes analysis: first selects reliable shelf manufacturer, the product is a professional organization, such AS the principle of shelf structure design EN, European standard FEM mechanical handling association, Australian steel storage shelves AS standard and so on shelves system structure suitable for storage of the goods? The heavy load of goods such as liquid need to use bolts or structural shelves, rather than ordinary link connection. If you are unsure, please contact with professionals. On the premise of no and supplier confirmation, must not in any way change the shelf structure. Even change the position of the beam could undermine the stability of the shelves. Racking system load more than the design load weight can lead to damage of components. If it is a mixed load, the heaviest goods should be put in lower or on the ground, the lightest goods on top. Purchasing components should choose the same manufacturer, different manufacturers produce shelves do not the same, racking system is also difficult to can be compatible. If your warehouse location is located in the seismic belt, do you want to let the supplier provide anti seismic design of the shelves, thus reducing the damage caused by the earthquake. In day-to-day operations, a high risk of forklift truck collision shelves. And the design of the pallet rack cannot bear the multiple-impact of forklift, even a low speed collision can cause structural damage. Shelves protection is to prevent collapse, can reduce the effects of forklift impact. When the local damage does not affect the whole system, please check the damage. Proposed a shelf maintenance management system, so that can solve many troubles. Most reputable shelf suppliers can provide maintenance plan. When forklift operation in the process of collision shelf beams and columns, it may cause damage to the goods shelves. Therefore, we need to strengthen the driver's training so as to prevent accidents. In order to prevent shelves collapse brought huge losses, take action today! Prevent the cost of safety accidents than shelves to take remedial measures after the collapse of costs are much lower.
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