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Now how many kinds of racks in the market? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
Shelves, it is a general term, including the content, so now how many kinds of racks in the market? Points from the material, probably is divided into the following kinds: 1) Steel shelves: this is one of the largest varieties sold on the market at present, from the warehouse to the supermarket, steel shelves of sales is the largest, investigate its reason, should be steel raw materials of low cost and good mechanical function and good processing function ( Like weldability) ; 2) Wooden shelves, mostly used for home storage inside the supermarket or display; 3) Aluminum shelf: it is because of its portability and beautiful sex, mostly used in supermarket, bearing ability is limited; 4) Metal shelves: is the improved version of aluminum shelves, advances the carrying capacity, but the capital also increased; 5) Paper shelf: it is usually a one-off products, used in the supermarket more; 5) Plastic shelf: smaller, usually used for display of some commonly used gadgets or stored; Above these shelves made of different materials, in addition to the metal shelf, other varieties of limitations is larger, the market demand is not high, with the development of human science and technology, perhaps one day, we can find another cheaper and better use of materials to replace the metal shelves.
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