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Precautions for cleaning sample display cabinets

by:Hshelf     2020-02-15
The sample display cabinet is mainly used in major stores and shopping malls to display new goods. It can help people to understand and watch the displayed samples at close range and has advertising effect, it has played a role in product promotion, thus helping dealers to make profits. However, when people clean the sample display cabinet in life, they do not know the cleaning precautions, so they do harm to the sample display cabinet. Then the next small series of Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. will introduce the precautions for cleaning the sample display cabinet! Be sure to remove the watermark on the paint surface: there are often watermarks on the sample display cabinet, which will create an unclean illusion for consumers. In order to clear the watermark, you can spread a clean damp cloth on the watermark on the desktop, and then iron it at a lower temperature with an iron, so that the moisture penetrating into the paint film can evaporate, so that the watermark disappears. The rag must be clean. When cleaning and maintaining the display cabinet, make sure whether the rag used is clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, be sure to turn over or change a clean rag before using it. Do not wipe it with only one side because you are lazy. Be sure to choose the right nursing agent: If you want to maintain the original brightness of the display cabinet, you must choose a good nursing agent. Good care agent is mainly aimed at Display cabinets made of various wood, polyester, paint, fireproof rubber sheet and other materials, and has two different fresh fragrances of Jasmine and lemon, which make the display cabinet have a faint fragrance after cleaning. The above is a small series for everyone to introduce the sample display cabinet cleaning precautions. I believe that after listening to the introduction of Xiaobian, everyone will clean up the sample display cabinet even more! The sample display cabinet is used for the display of goods, and it must have a beautiful appearance and a fashionable shape. Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. is a professional shelf production company in Suzhou. Its sample display cabinets are fashionable in appearance and unique in shape. I believe they are your best choice!

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