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The different types of the closet shelf

by:Hshelf     2020-05-27
The size of the wardrobe, shelves, style, shape and structure of material change, often with wardrobe or cupboard, organization system. Although the house is big, the wardrobe is very popular and can be used for any type of area, shelves, drawers, hook or gift baskets. Shelf usually consists of three types of materials: wood, metal, or laminate. Wooden chest shelves in what clothes is the most suitable for the storage closet. Some types of wood, cedar, in particular, can avoid moth pests damaged clothing. High quality of wood is very durable and will last for years. Carefully selected wooden shelf can have eternal style as well. Like any type of furniture, the higher the quality of timber and process, the higher the installation costs. Layer board shelf far cheaper than wood. Although it is often designed to look like real wood, laminate with particle board or plastic as its core. Shelves the similar design, particieboard middle tier. A thin layer of high quality wood, covers both sides of the particle board. Laminate and plywood closet shelves in high humidity has not responded well to the bathroom, or any other room. Can unscrew the glue water, laminated board and particieboard separation or the level of the strip. Some types of laminated material is very good, and to resist bending and separation, but they can be more expensive. Metal rack is not strong, such as a grid or grille, in a thin metal wire. It can be used as a wardrobe is put aside frame, or even in the industrial environment. Some types of shelf are in order to accommodate hundreds of pounds ( 1 pound = 0. 454 kg) 。 A lot of people don't like the chest of wire, because of its lack of aesthetic design on hold. Its advantage lies in its practicality and beauty.
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