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The family and the structure characteristics of convenience store cashier _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
Family convenience store cashier's more outstanding characteristic is double mesa structure style, in addition to the register table, there is also a prominent small table, the table can be customers set bag or store some display or promotional products, etc. Below Hshelf shelves for the whole family make a detailed interpretation of the register of structure: 1, free combination, show free combination can according to store the shape and size of the free combination, cooperate with combined-type cigarettes, alcohol and back cabinet, enhance the overall image of the store. 2, a variety of material combinations, more attention to detail the iron frame structure, high-grade refractory mesa of fire prevention board, acrylic combination with little hole hole plate racks, with a variety of color is tie-in, more can highlight the characteristics of high-end atmosphere, all sorts of details, more humane and design originality. Paragraphs 3, the whole family checkout easy installation family checkout as far as possible to reduce the tapping and bolt connection, takes the form of splice, card, each column have the anchor bolt can adjust the levelness, guarantee the stability of the whole structure generally follow the installation instructions, two people can be installed. 4, moderate price, let more customers choose the family with the register as a result of the double mesa structure design, processing and manufacturing costs are increased, but good store display effect and customer experience, let more and more high-grade convenience stores chose to use the family type to the checkout counter. Relevant article recommended the cashier put skills, improve location yields the register such design, 100% guest unit price! The cashier shelves display tips
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