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The structure characteristics of supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18

supermarket shelves is currently one of the most popular shelves, medium-sized shelves and shelves, in addition to outside sales most of a type. Mainly because the supermarket opened too too frequently, and density are increased.

and supermarket shelves structure characteristics: 1, columns and steel layer board through the rate card pin buckle and triangle type of stator connected and fixed shelves. 2, supermarket shelves pillar: made of equal Angle bilateral punching hole distance to 50 mm distance arranged along a straight line, post hole used to hook up with layer board; 3, supermarket shelves, steel layer board: a quadrilateral bending forming cold-rolled steel sheet according to the required size. 4, supermarket shelves parts processing good shape after all the grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic electrostatic powder spraying, drying and other processing after assembling finished products. Produce shelves product surface is bright and clean, beautiful; Layer plate can be adjusted up and down, tear open outfit is convenient.

now all our supermarket shelves factory were studied experimentally by the Japanese standard (SPCC) as raw materials, with such standards (SPCC) to achieve the advantages of cold plate to our needs, to achieve our goal, to be our advantage.

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