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Boutique supermarket shelves box set is very important

by:Hshelf     2020-05-27
Boutique supermarket requirement for shelf is more sophisticated than general standard of supermarkets, supermarket, detail processing more fastidious, boutique supermarket shelves in structure design is unique, and beautiful. Modelling is rich, exquisite detail, more have administrative levels feeling. Color also have more choices, scrub and smooth surface of the lacquer that bake. The treatment effect of different looks. So, often in the design of high-quality goods of supermarket shelves, designers like to focus on the shelf light box, let its high-grade quality. In practical application, the box shelf there are many kinds of form, in terms of structure, it has more than 10 species, such as commonly used arc light box, square box, elliptic lamp box, diamond light boxes, equilateral triangle light boxes, embedded light box and so on. On the effect of light source, LED lamp, LED lamp, fluorescent lamp, lamp, halogen lamp, etc. Shelves light boxes and acrylic organic material is generally iron keel, embedded lights, lights out from the inside and the effect is very soft, beautiful beautiful. Suitable for commercial display LOGO advertising propaganda.
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