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How much is a set of maternal and infant store shelves? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-16
Maternal and child stores before purchasing mother-to-child store shelves. All shelves before the choose and buy wants to know the specific price, good preparing for money. So today guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturer, just to tell you about the maternal and infant store shelves to how much money a? How much does it cost to buy from store shelves a set? First of all depends on your choice of shelf material; Then how to see whether the shelves of the design; Depends on how much each shelves need to configure the group again to pay what shelves and accessories. With a group of the most common steel double-sided mother-to-child store shelves, for example, every price is in 380 yuan - 880 yuan between, probably better if steel material, also a thicker material, then the corresponding certainly more expensive. If is the single side shelves, the price will be cheaper, each set in about 180 yuan to 560 yuan between. Maternal and infant shop shelves relevant article recommended mother-to-child shop shelves put attention on maternal and infant shop shelves design and put the skills of maternal and infant store shelves of the importance of maternal and infant stores
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