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How to open a fruit supermarket store layout? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
How to open a fruit supermarket store shelves layout? What kind of fruit shelves to choose good? Fruit and vegetable stand how to maintain? Guangzhou Hshelf shelves help you. Fruit store don't have much to say about decoration layout, clean and orderly eight words can be summarized. So, the following introduce the adornment of the fruit store layout. A. Fruit shop of fruit and vegetable stand put size according to store appearance, reasonable layout is the key to the fruit shop profit. General choice of fruit and vegetable stand against the wall is given priority to with one-side, hundreds of 3 - layer For the 4 layer, put the fruit is given priority to with profitable high-grade fruit; And store center is given priority to with double sided shelves, with fruit pile head, fruit varieties with cheaper public fruit is given priority to, this is the key to attract customers. For the choice of fruit vegetables aircraft should pay attention to the following 3 points: 1, the waterproof performance is good. Fruit fresh keeping, need often sprinkler, if it is wooden shelf will rot. 2, fruit, easy bruising, filled with fruit shelves can not have edges and corners. 3, costumes fruit edge can't is too high, which is highly advisable that the next layer of apple. Second, store decoration and customer channel in simple terms, the main points of the lively and fruit store to decorate concise, give priority to with green wait for cool color. Exports and separate entrance, easy to guide customers purchasing route. Payments and weight house apart, also save time of payment. Don't let customer wait for more than 3 minutes, otherwise the customer will bother. Place on both sides of the door can be equipped with a mirror, make the fruit shop looks more varieties of various, full of beautiful things in eyes, very attractive. Three, fruit, how to maintain the fruit shelves generally choose the steel, the new loading or add a new fruit, fruit touch water to wipe with clean cloth fruit bowls or turnover box, jinan for the steel industry is the fruit of god shelf, using high temperature pensu processing, waterproof and oil resistant, to be wiped gently or stained detergent to clean with water. Fruit basket for the high quality plastic material, with the brush touch water is swabbed can. Clear in time of deterioration or damage to the fruit, to prevent pollution and damage to the shelf often want to consider.
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