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How to reasonable put store shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-03
Store shelves put reasonable to highlight the product advantage plays a vital role, layout is reasonable or not directly affects the customers to buy desire and mall, the layout of the overall effect. General store shelf space is mainly used in places such as shopping malls, shopping centers, boutiques, etc. , there is big limitation in space places shelves, it needs to be consistent with the surrounding environment, from the point of space design, the collocation of store shelves put should cooperate with the main body space and space, the artistic creation from the point of goods, mainly to foil products, tie-in lighting to create visual impact, highlight the brand of product quality and convenience of our customers to choose. Store shelves concentrated display method is commonly used in the retail merchandising and use scope of the most widely method, namely the same kind of goods on display in one place, this approach is most suited to a stock of the faster moving items. Tidy display method is according to the size of the display, determine the length, width and height of a single commodity row of Numbers, the goods neatly piled up to highlight the way of feeling, are sold in store shelves can make customers feel that puts in order, put the goods is a lot of supermarket wants to sell the goods to the customer and the discount rate high commodities, or because of seasonal need customer purchase rate is high, large purchases of goods, such as the summer cool and refreshing drinks, neatly display method sometimes can make customers feel hard to take, can make the appropriate changes when necessary. The passage between the store shelves to keep open, do not have a corner, enables customers to browse all the goods, provide enough free space for people shopping environment, can quickly find your target goods, through entertainment colour environment and atmosphere and merchandising, promotions to attract customers attention, strengthen the memory of the exhibits, promote customer buying behavior.
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