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How to reasonably put on display shelves _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
How to reasonable display display shelf? Hshelf shelves to teach you how to display shelves, display shelves first familiar with the performance of the goods, classification, appearance size, combined with the size of the shelf itself space, make the shelf display beautiful, clear categories, strong correlation. In the application of various shelves display device, must abide by some basic principles, including: first: shelf display instruments must be consistent with commodity properties, shape and color; The second: don't display the counter or in the introduction of high counter in the shop; Third: shelf display equipment placement doesn't affect the channel; Fourth: display equipment should pay attention to diversification, height, size, etc. Various styles; Fifth: shelf display equipment should not be too much. Both the cabinet shelf, cabinet type shelf, box-type shelves, derrick shelves are used to place different commodities, such as the convenience of our customers selected. A set of a set of shelves separated from different varieties, sales of the sales team, can make the customer entered the store business hall along the shelves of channel network, see the store operating range of all kinds of goods, store sales service has to be done before the shelves with customers directly. Relevant article recommended supermarket shelves how to put the goods and store shelves display? Watching you will know! Small supermarket shelves display technique and strategy research of practical convenience store shelves display design
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