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Hshelf shelves teach you how to choose the fruit and vegetable shelf _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-21
Want to open a community fruit store site selection is the first step, the next step is to choose fruit shelves. But do you know how to choose the size of the fruit and vegetable shelf? If I don't know it doesn't matter, let guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturer to tell you. 1, the wood fruit and vegetable all wooden fruit and vegetables are generally pine or fir, board adopt 磥 wire connection, all wooden material of fruit and vegetable appearance generous, show the effect is good, suitable for food storage, dry goods display and fruit display, etc. , the disadvantage is ligneous maintenance should not be late, and assembled mobile is complex, apply to supermarkets, shopping malls and so on do not often use adjustment. 2, gangmu combination of fruit this shelf is on the basis of full wood fruits and vegetables, will support structure using high quality square tube structure or Angle iron welding or screw connection. Fruits and vegetables were placed wooden basket, steel wood combined with the benefits of fruit and vegetable rack is support for the steel structure, steel structure is simple, tear open outfit is convenient, durable, good for transportation. 3, steel and frame steel square tube welding structure is used in fruit and vegetable rack frame fission structure, freedom of assembly, display their fruit basket is made of high quality plastic. Steel frame benefits of fruit and vegetable is simple structure, convenient transportation, fruit display effect is good, because the steel structure can consider to use multilayer display, store at the bottom of the form, maximize improve the effect of store display. Fruit basket structure of air permeability, good for fruit of permeability, increase fruit shelf life. More than simply introduces three kinds of fruit and vegetable shelf, Hshelf shelves in fruit and vegetable shelf, there are many we can according to different needs to choose and buy, different types of shelves.
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