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Jewelry boutique business skill shop shelves remodels

by:Hshelf     2020-06-16

jewelry boutique business skills

now beside the school has a few small jewelry boutique, jewelry, headdress flower, pin type of small commodities, such as commodity price is low, often looks is not profitable, so, how they make money?

the first name to striking, the small shop to make money, name to striking, must take care to the students' interest in the customer, today's children taste different, if the shop name JinJin all, may find it difficult to attract their attention.

the second is decorated can shop area of 20 square metre, but the overall effect is to make the person feels very chic, pure and fresh, so as to cater to young people's psychological;

the third is to provide a good atmosphere for shopping atmosphere is not just a matter of big stores, shop also needs to pay attention to make shopping atmosphere, the atmosphere of the so-called don't have to be too high, have music, such as choose some students to hear the latest pop songs from time to time.

4 students as the main customer base is variety, jewelry shop goods will have to close their & other; Appetite & throughout; , can often solicit opinions of the students, such as popular now what kind of headdress flower, is there any alternative decoration popular among the students, and so on. Children's aesthetic habits are hard to ponder, likely to pop a week, can't catch is fleeting.

the final cost is according to the actual consumption ability, students' consumption level is not high, so the cost of the accessories is also low, it is important to design must be new, if is to choose a certain brand of its franchisees, headquarters will be the first time to supply new products, and independent shop also don't have to worry about, in the trade city, wholesale market can find what you want, but it must be frequently, the legs and feet in the new arrival of the goods wholesale city in the first place to put them into the store and choose to open a shop can use old brand influence, the headquarters will provide image promotion and so on at the same time, the annual sales amount reach regulation can also get some rebates.

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