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Pile head knowledge supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-14
Pile head supermarket shelves, is frequently used in supermarket, placing a brand in the supermarket commodity or multiple brands together. Because of its position, sales effect is very good, therefore will become each big supermarket suppliers of feng shui treasure-house, and generally need to pay fees to get to the supermarket. Today and share knowledge about pile head of supermarket shelves, we hope you to pile head supermarket shelves have a more comprehensive understanding. The classification of the pile head of supermarket shelves, according to the position of pile head of pile head of supermarket shelves can be divided into different pile head against the wall of supermarket shelves, main pile head of supermarket shelves, ark of column pile head such as supermarket shelves. Wall pile head supermarket shelves are more likely to appeal to guests, has a good marketing effect; Main pile head of supermarket shelves for brand marketing has a good promoting effect; Ark of column pile head supermarket shelves straightforward, primary and secondary, is also a good location in the supermarket.
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