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Remove the peculiar smell fruit supermarket rack

by:Hshelf     2020-05-24
We all know that the fruit is especially easy to bad, especially as grapes, banana fruit like this, no would rot in two days, the supermarket of the inventory quantity is big, there is always some fruit before they sell out already to rot, at this time of the fruit rot juice will remain on the shelves produce peculiar smell, if it is not clear in time affect the visual experience on the one hand, on the other hand bring bad effects of consumer choose and buy, the fruit in the supermarket shelves should be how to remove odor? ( 1) Food should be stored separately in the fruit stand, cooked food with a plastic bag strapped it, put inside fruit shelves dedicated cooked food shelf, must be separated from raw and has a strong smell of food, so as to avoid pollution and deli and changing. ( 2) Food storage with the internal organs, such as chicken, duck and fish, etc. , you must first remove entrails then stored in the fruit stand, in order to avoid internal organs rot and other food pollution, peculiar smell. But with long time, often can appear some peculiar smell, need to handle in time. Here is to summarize the supermarket fruit frame & other; In addition to flavor throughout the code of conduct &; 。 ( 3) Not directly into the fruit inside, should be in the case of guarantee to ensure that the food itself is clean, in a clean plastic bag and add the fruit storage within the frame. ( 4) Cold storage can be frozen storage. To be stored in the fruit stand a long time can be frozen food for a long time, such as meat, fish and shrimp food, into the fruit of the freezer storage, don't freeze in the interior to prevent deterioration. ( 5) Regularly use neutral detergent and fruit rack deodorant to wash fruit, prevent produce peculiar smell inside the plane, also can use activated carbon, such as deodorant. Fruit stand right using method is: the fruit rack, should decrease as far as possible to open the door frequency, shorten the time of the access to food. Hot food required to cool to room temperature before the fruit can be put in. New buy fruit or after handling, should let stand for 2 to 6 hours after the boot. Before use, first to run the electrified chamber 2 to 6 hours. After downtime cannot be started immediately, need to wait for more than five minutes, so as not to burn down compressor 3, when saving food, food not being too close to outlet. Fruit stand on using the environment is good, good ventilation, environment temperature is not more than 34 degrees Celsius.
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