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Teach you how to guest like the cloud to in a supermarket shelf factory

by:Hshelf     2020-05-22
1, unsalable goods on conspicuous place, to promote consumers to buy; 2, the profits of product classification, and put them regularly in the supermarket each traffic was the most; 3, will be the same commodity classify, and put together a convenient consumer choose and buy; 4, space, rational layout, make full use of supermarket shelf space; 5, customer shopping safety ( Want to consider to fire safety, all kinds of easy chemicals react to put respectively, and ensure a safe distance. According to the goods sell like hot cakes for the area at the same time, such as daily necessities and food, want to set aside sufficient channels, ensure that does not appear crowded wounding incident) ; 6, should choose to facilitate the location of the goods shelves and shelves, usually on the bottom. 7, special partitions, in order to improve the competitiveness, attract consumer attention. To sum on supermarket shelves factory, actually cannot leave a moment to stand in the Angle of the consumer to think about it, how can they attention, make them feel very comfortable, means that you are successful.
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