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The characteristics of the shuttle shelf:

by:Hshelf     2020-05-28
The characteristics of the shuttle racking: shuttle shelves of characteristics: high density storage, high utilization rate of the warehouse. , high working efficiency, and greatly reduce the waiting time of operation. Ways, flexible operation, access to goods out first, after can also. , high safety coefficient, reduce the collision shelves with forklift, raise the productivity of security. , a relatively low requirement to the lighting, compared with other types of storage shelves, less overall investment. Product features: shuttle car, the vehicle original using whole parallel four-bar jack-up, jack-up is smooth, jack-up trip only 22 mm; , introducing spring energy storage mechanism, the buffer tray low energy, and sequestration jack-up release energy for reducing the jack-up peak torque, in order to reduce wear and tear to extend the service life, and save power, extend battery life; , appearance novel smooth, beautiful; Light weight, a single battery, artificial take lighter; , walking round the high performance polyurethane, high friction, high resistance to wear; Oblique scraper, granular foreign body can remove orbit, keep clear of orbital clean; , high elastic polyurethane buffer column and forklift truck fender, end security buffer used to shuttle car; , use Germany P + F high-performance infrared sensor, precision ranging positioning; Orbital limit deceleration process hole, triple security control technology; Walk, run the flashing lights flashing hint, also can avoid hitting button cause damage to the goods;
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