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The introduction of automatic revolving rack

by:Hshelf     2020-05-27
Spontaneous change shelves are connected to machine and electric control, high voltage and low voltage control system of the product. It is important to the creature to control access to and notify, accumulation, the stuff and picks up three small system, formed by is matching with the power supply system, air conditioning system, fire alarm system, weighing metering system, information and communication system, etc. Creature accumulation system by the goods shelves ( Container) Formation. Creature bear creature access, access and reporting system in and out of the function of the hotel, it consists of ups and downs, outbound walks machine, loading and unloading machines, etc. Ups and downs machine can complete the stuff of multilayer life, will be the stuff promotion to senior positions. Outbound walks of machine can be in accordance with the article of features to notify walked walked belt machine, roller motor, chain machine, etc. , will be important creature walks to the lift and outbound position of local shelves, loading and unloading machine bear creature outbound unloading and loading of the task, individuals formed from driving, forklift loading and unloading machine. Control and clean system control and picks up an individual to do calculating machine, depending on the spontaneous change shelves differences in environment, the differences between the control pattern of postures. Some hotel use only for a single change shelves, and outbound walks machine PLC control, machine and the machine without he; Some hotels to network control for the single machine. Higher such as spontaneous change shelves control system adopt centralized control, the connecting type control and distributed control, namely by ripping calculating machine, central control calculating machine and change the shelves, and outbound walks the programmable controller with the direct control of control system. Picks up calculating machine has become a focus of spontaneous change shelves clean plate storage each bear put in storage, forgot, outbound, forgot, ripping, questioning, print, and revealed that performance, economic hotel command calculating means clean function,, forgot everything is line and off-line, forgot it. Central control calculating machine is spontaneous change shelves control focus, communication and harmonic and months calculating machine, change the shelves, and outbound he walks machine and so on; Control and monitoring the whole spontaneous change shelves, and according to recollect the calculating machine or spontaneous keyboard called for the construction process, and monitoring site configuration operation environment and site configuration, monitoring stuff flow and the consignee or consignor has revealed performance, and picks up calculating machine, stacker and site configuration communication he, there are disadvantages for configuration testing and questioning revealed performance, and other functions.
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