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The role and function of supermarket shelves _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
Everyone knows shelves activity plays an important role in modern life, but for the role and function of the supermarket shelves but don't understand. In fact, the supermarket management modernization, and the kinds of shelves, function has a direct relationship. Guangzhou Hshelf shelf factory is to explain the role and function of the supermarket shelves generally has the following several aspects: 1. Shelves is a kind of frame structures, the goods can make full use of space, improve storage utilization, storage capacity expanding supermarket. 2. Deposit the goods shelves, mutual extrusion, material loss is small, can complete the function of the material itself, to reduce the loss of the goods. 3. Goods in the supermarket shelves, access to convenient, easy to count and measure, can do first in first out. 4. Guarantee the quality of goods storage, can take moistureproof, dustproof, guard against theft, defending breakage, measures such as to improve the quality of goods and materials storage. 5. The structure and function of many new supermarket shelves, is helpful to realize the mechanization and automation of the supermarket management. Relevant article recommended channel between guangzhou convenience store shelves sizes and how much is the distance from the shelf to the checkout counter, an invisible competitiveness boutique supermarket shelves put skills
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