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The structure of the loft storage shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15
Attic type structure of the structure of storage shelves, loft-style warehouse shelves floor attic shelves use shelves pillar do support, steel structure floor, floor flat, integrity, strong carrying capacity of strong, even low cost, fast construction, suitable for high warehouse, small goods, manual access, access to large amount of cases, can make full use of the warehouse to save. According to the practice site and specific requirements, planning into multiple floors, generally between 2 and 3 layers, the bottom shelves can choose medium shelf, heavy shelf and so on the many kinds of shelves, it cannot be stored goods system, is also the upper component support points, with stairs, guardrail and electric lift channels and other auxiliary equipment. Completely modular structure, stereo sense is strong, choose high quality carbon structural steel, quality, load, appearance is very superior, according to the practice place needs, flexible planning into a layer or multilayer attic shelf, applicable to check bulk goods less variety, special floor C payments, the hasp type structure, spread to determine special lock equipment, make whole attic shelves etc, flat floor, dust, debris, small don't fall into the downstairs, lighting wiring can be hidden and beautiful downstairs, widely used in automobiles, electronics, machinery, etc.
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