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by:Hshelf     2020-05-15
Introduction: supermarket shelves have been unknown in doing their homework, to help you manage those requirements we tidy up all kinds of goods. Although people all go to the supermarket is not how to attach importance to the supermarket shelves, but the people really attaches great importance to the supermarket. Tough on the meaning of the supermarket shelves determines this supermarket is worth everybody presence.

guangzhou supermarket shelves to help build a supermarket atmosphere, make the customers happy shopping environment. To create a good shopping mood, not just a simple display of goods. A, the most popular food in the gold position

the average height of adults in 1. 6m- 1. 75 m, the businessman from this perspective, the shelves from ground zero. 6米~ 1。 75 m, the location of the line of sight is 30 degrees with customers as & other; Golden section & throughout; 。 Because this location is within easy reach of consumers, is also the most comfortable take items a range. This position will often left to the best-selling goods, in addition, the sole agent of goods and some lucrative new products, promotional items will appear in & other; Golden section & throughout; 。

two, next to the checkout counter, the most impulsive to buy goods on either side of the escalator

in the supermarket shelves after repeatedly to consider even, this commodity deal is not cost-effective, going over budget, beside the cashier bought almost without considering time later, she took leave of directly. Businesses will put some on both sides of escalator affordable small commodities, including wet wipes, paper towels, battery, four pack socks, snacks and so on, prices generally within 10 yuan, a lot of goods are placed at regular intervals, consumers in the process of marching escalator, lest, buy, lead to a good chance of impulse buying.

3, pile head are more likely to cause consumer attention

pile head is in the supermarket goods separately formed by the display of goods on display, is usually placed on the float, box goods stacking directly on the floor. Survey found that consumers at the pile head to stay longer, because they think that the pile head is notable to recommend commodities or goods, promotional items, they don't want to see more big items in shelf area.

4, to adjust the location of food periodically supermarket

blessed wang didn't go home for a period of time the supermarket, go to, he found that the position of the shelves changed, buy a bottle of soy sauce for ages. This adjustment will sometimes let the consumer psychological and jars. But from a business perspective, long-term fixed supermarket shelves, easy to lose the customer to the attention of other items, and produce a feeling of old inflexible. So after a period of time is put in the commodity, adjust the shelf, make customers to search for the required items, are drawn to the other items at the same time, the change in stores have the feeling that find everything new and fresh.

expert decoding a and convenience food, commodity prices are more expensive than large supermarket convenience stores, supermarkets, outside the

although their service is good, quality is no problem, but if you look closely, will find that their price that will be more expensive than in large supermarket, such as, yi bao has the big bottle of mineral water price of 3. 5 yuan/bottle, and only 3 yuan to large supermarket. Supermarkets were all greatly, supply chamber of commerce according to quantity in a certain proportion of rebates, split, every product pleased will be lower. 24-hour convenience supermarket business a long time, labor, electricity, water is also a lot of money, all these costs will be split on the price of each item.

2, pricing in & other; Halo effect & throughout;

supermarket often do some promotional poster, the consumers are familiar with goods such as Coca-Cola, yili milk set at a low price, let a person feel the supermarket's price is cheaper, and unconsciously think that all things are cheap. But the reality is that some consumers often do not buy, not familiar with commodity perhaps pricing will be higher than the others. This in psychology called & other; Halo effect & throughout; 。

3, & other Buy one get one free & throughout; There is a mystery

my friend had a habit: often go to the supermarket shopping inside, and see what special food, to buy them home, can save a lot of money, I irony her, & other; Supermarkets like you such a person, clean house expired food on a regular basis. ” We pay attention to the food supermarkets, store to buy one, get one chocolate, health drinks are even the year before last year, only a month or two from shelf life time. But not all buy one get one free products are not fresh. Such as a newly listed products, manufacturers will have a fee to do marketing, some dealers used to advertise, some dealers are more willing to put money back to the consumer. Some drinks will have several kind of taste, such as pulse with lime to smell, the smell of litchi, some good sell, some sell, is often tied to sell a not very good sell.

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