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Determined by how the supermarket shelves of aseismic design

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18

in recent years, the frequency is more and more domestic earthquake, and large earthquakes is also growing, and supermarket shelves itself is a lot of goods, how do we go to considering the seismic resistance of it!

is considering the seismic resistance of supermarket shelves recently we designers put forward the idea of zhongshan shelf, with our technology department. From then on, the stand or fall of a supermarket shelves and value, is no longer look at its carrying capacity and durability, the seismic resistance of it will also determine the value of the supermarket shelves.

and the framework of aseismic capacity is focused on the supermarket shelf:

1. Shelves of welding; In many welding parts are all made of full penetration groove welding, adopt unique connection between column and beam, and all connecting bolt adopt friction type high strength bolt. 2. The treatment of foot; Supermarket shelves and ground connection with the method of embedded parts, in the sole connected components in advance and the foundation of reinforcing cage welded together make its aseismatic ability is greatly increased.

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