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Do you know the decoration and seasonal jewelry exhibition stand

by:Hshelf     2020-06-07
As one of the most important display equipment & ndash; — Jewellery frame's function is obvious, a lot of jewelry store business in jewellery frame display items failed to use its function and adornment characteristics lead to biased show effect of jewellery rack, is in this way, the reason is that they have yet to grasp its decorative and seasonal. Share with you on this today under small make up cases and knowledge. First of all, let's talk about decorative jewellery, it is also a storefront as display equipment is the most important basic functions. It is a feature of business cases to plan, is also a feature about the colour. Of course, must have its own momentum. This style, in addition to reflect its plot, is to be full of adornment temperament, planners should use all kinds of tricks to reach this purpose, is just what the audience psychological desire and jewellery itself need. But no matter what tricks, how to decorate and use must be in line with the fundamental requirement of the content of goods, not for the practice of decoration and decoration, do this, so your headache half tend to solve the problem. And jewellery sets the seasonal embodiment of method is in addition to real-time display seasonal goods, also is the background on the artistic appeal of the jewellery tonal atmosphere, appeal to do given people a profound scene. We advocate in the new season and the suitable conditions, the jewelry shelves shall reflect seasonal: on the one hand, can be arranged in real time the masses life, on the other hand, is to give people a kind of special seasonal energy feeling. Main as a carrier of the display of goods shelves, like furniture, don't have too many clothes, want to put some practical and artistic objects, whether it is a department store, or shopping center, the store's future development trend of competition, market positioning is geared toward their goals, for their target customers to build a warmth, the infectious of shopping, entertainment, leisure space environment. Therefore, reveal ark is to design furniture, grasp reveal ark design function, design elements and design thought, idea, creative fit in.
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