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Flow of air cargo by sea will be a trend?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-09
Flow of air cargo by sea will be a trend? June 18, according to media ( On Monday) Report: a structural change is in the making of the global supply chain, there are more and more by air goods flow to the sea. Under the action of certain cyclical factors, the process is much more faster. It will not become a trend? Shipping companies don't think so, but at least, there are many airlines, freight forwarding and logistics service suppliers believe it. In Asia to Europe and North America on the lines of this situation is particularly evident. Japan's mitsui osk ( MOL) A spokesman said: 'now the ship speed faster, port service more perfect, multimodal transport has improved a lot, it all helps reduce transportation time, but we don't think these alone can contend with air shipping. 'And then listen to the airlines and freight forwarders. Air France- KLM Cargo, vice President of sales and distribution, Jean Charles Foucault said over the past 12 months the goods by air to sea showing a rising trend. 'Competition from shipping is not strange for us, but since the middle of last year, competition is increasingly fierce. Nearly on a business trip, I heard the news about the shipping competition is much larger than in the past, especially in Asia. 'Another airline executives Swiss WorldCargo, Oliver, Evans said business to Europe routes of competition between airlines and shipping companies are upgrading. Multimodal transport agent in Italy the IFC Worldwide, Roberta, executive director of the Cargo at Gili said: 'the sea freight is very competitive, has been greatly shorten the transport time, the result is that many before the air goods flow to the sea. 'So, exactly what are the reasons for the owner of the goods are picked up by sea? Forwarding and logistics service provider - — Air Sea Worldwide UK director Mike Harrison says the key is that many of imports from Asian development such as home. He said: 'almost 5, 6 years, Britain and other European countries from imported goods to rise significantly. As the owner of the goods, you are unlikely to choose by air transportation of bulk cargo, became a choice of shipping. In addition, because from the import commodity itself value is low, for these goods, the cost of air freight is too high. 'Over the past few years, the cost of air freight rise, far beyond the sea. If necessary, the shipper will try not to choose air freight. Swiss WorldCargo President Evans said although the container cargo volume increased significantly, but the shipping efficiency has improved significantly in recent years, and can't carry so much goods transported by air. 'Increased efficiency and cost reduce dredged have stronger competitiveness' he concluded. Last year, APL logistics Con - north American trucking company hand in hand Way Freight launched a major Asian cities based on shipping to the United States 'OceanGuaranteed' business, 'prompt delivery', provide smaller than container loading quantity and the port to door etc. APL logistics company product development, vice President of global market Bill Villalon said shipping another important reason is that the reliability of the popular was greatly improved. At present, the 'OceanGuaranteed' - 70% 80% of the business is by air to sea. In addition, some of the cyclical factors affect more accelerated the goods by air flow to the sea. Air France Cargo- KLM Cargo joint Cargo management committee chairman Michael Wisbrun, said: 'the current interest rates are very low, the cost of the goods on board for several weeks was much lower than five years ago, when the interest rate at 6% - almost 10%. Therefore, the phenomenon of part of the air cargo flow to the sea there are cyclical, supply chain managers will choose the better mode of transportation for the company. ”
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