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Fresh shelf spacing how old do? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Now most people will choose to go to the supermarket to buy things, so in addition to good goods, a good supermarket shopping environment is critical for customer shopping and supermarket sales, good shopping environment including shelf displays, etc. In the supermarket to live fresh area, now use the most fresh shelf is gangmu combination, is this why? In the use of Hshelf shelves production of fresh, must try to increase the distance between the two fresh shelves, can convenience of our customers take goods, so also can promote sales. So when we use fresh shelves in hainan two fresh shelves how far the distance between the necessary right? It said Hshelf shelves. 1, the supermarket to live fresh aisle of distance between shelves although there is no clear regulation, tend to be in accordance with the store area. 2, if conditional word, a little thing is very good, including the passage between the raw and fresh shelves. If there are no conditions in this area, it can only be compressed as much as possible. This can be set according to the depth of the fresh shelves, such as fresh shelf depth is 500 mm, so the channel can do a 900 mm. 3, fresh supermarket shelves main generally in 1. 5 - 2 m, other can be 0. 8 - 1. 2 m. 4, fresh shelves aisle distance, there is no clear regulation, are often the area is determined according to your stores. The passage between the raw and fresh shelves, theoretically recommend not less than 0. Squatted down to choose 8 m, considering to facilitate consumer goods or squatted down to cleaning staff, also want to consider to the intersection between customers. The distance between the fresh shelves and customer purchase desire is to have a lot to do, only give the customer a good shopping experience, will have a better sales performance. Relevant article recommended how to pick fresh fresh supermarket shelves fresh factory for you to explain: fresh items on display skills
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