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Fruit fruit on the shelves, how to attract the eyes of the customer? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Wide variety of goods are placed in the display case become truly, always can attract customer's eye, whether vegetables in the supermarket shelves, fruit or fruit store shelves, all have very good display effect. Make sure that all the fruit on the shelves for storage in accordance with the scale of the fine quality, reflect the 'fresh' born fruit business objective. Once found decay, deterioration of fruit, to pick up the first time, so as not to affect sales. Fruit is how to attract customer's eye on the shelf? Today let's talk about good: first, the collocation of color fruit color rich, colorful, display properly combined, the color is tie-in, can fully embody the born fruit rich, change, can give customers, constantly change fresh and pleasing to the eye, and can be well shown on the promotion of fruit, this is the technique of fresh fruit and vegetable shelf. Such as: purple grapes, red apple, golden oranges, green pears collocation are together colourful colour effect is produced. Fruit must consider when to show the characteristics of different product, select the item accurately, the method, display temperature, or the loss caused by improper display. Two, such as peach fruit easily pressure cooked classification comparison afraid of pressure and heat generating easily, so the show can't pile up; Apple to banana, kiwi fruit ripening effect, put together easily lead to other fruit too quickly go bad. Fruit show area required and turnover ratio appropriate. If the ratio is too large, the fruit on the shelves of retention time is long; If the ratio is too small, is the number of daily replenishment frequency. Three, judgement of fruit life cycle to keep an eye on the current temperature, humidity, this kind of fruit can maintain life span. If varieties at different time points a few number of replenish onr's stock, improve the elder first out is to determine which one of the first batch of goods display sales principle. Fruit of short cycle time, quality change fast, adhere to the principle is very important. Fruit management has very strong seasonal, different season have corresponding fruit on the market. Fruit display should be due to the circumstances, therefore, will be listed on the new variety show cleaning after showing fruit very attractive, good sales. Display area, equipment, display ark of preservation of cleaning and hygiene, also affects the customer's desire.
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