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Fruit rack _ 【 9 kinds of wrong display methods Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Fruit frame of the common display error, fruit shop owner, see you have the wrong way of display in the shop. 1, fruit, a fruit and vegetable basket can only display one kind of commodity, the same box can't display two different items. 2, different volume of goods on display in accordance with the following display large volume, above the display order of small volume, not on the big small. 3, seasonal goods on display on the front end, shape similar to put together. 4, high rotary goods in the lower fruit, such as green peppers. 5, banana display only a layer, banana back to the customer, and bananas up, handle the upper blue in fruit, yellow in the fruit of the lower. 6, promotion heap that only each deposit a fruit or vegetable, can not be mixed with. 7, fruit fruit neatly hierarchical pattern, not about the place. 8, promotion pile head must be a sense of volume, less promotion goods don't pile head promotion. 9, fruit had goods display is introduced. Relevant article recommended fruit fruit on the shelves, how to attract the eyes of the customer? 【 Wikipedia] Fruit fruit the seven principles of fruit vegetables shelves in the high-quality goods shelves
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