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How better to put the supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-01
Introduction: supermarket shelves just as its name implies used in shopping malls supermarkets to the shelf. Supermarket shelves are different from other site, pay attention to both need to be able to play the role of shelves should be, at the same time also to do beautiful atmosphere. Different shopping malls supermarkets, according to the area size to determine the type and location of the supermarket shelves to put.

the important parts of the guangzhou supermarket shelves, as everyday items, is the largest category in the supermarket sales, it is need to one eye can see the important place, and some snacks to taste, small items, after strolling in the supermarket, you can pick up convenience, that is. Embellish of shelves and you know how to put the supermarket shelves together? Supermarket shelves put goods, must according to order goods classified orderly arrangement in perfect order, make the customer be clear at a glance, let customers more convenient shopping, give the customer a perceptual display, stimulate customer more buying mood. At the same time, a salesman to provide basic services to the customer. Whether cabinet supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves, cabinet type box-type supermarket shelves, derrick supermarket shelves are used to place different commodities, such as good to regional planning, convenience of our customers choose goods. Rows of shelves to sort distinguish good planning, the area to sell any items to mark. To the customer need what goods can easily find, such can save customers shopping time more. Supermarket shelves put planning, is the need to consider the pedestrian passageway. Whether in vertical cross, diagonal lines cross, radiant, free flow or directly is keep flexibility. In general the main should be 1. 6 - 4. 5 m, between times channel also shall not be less than 1. 2 - Between 2 m. In order to let customers have a better shopping space, must be carefully planned each clip figure. Our shelf products without welding, can be arbitrary combination, with strong load, free combination, easy to plug, mobile and flexible characteristics such as time, reasonable price, popular with users trust. We will, as always, to the best products, best service to customer service.

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