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How to choose and buy several common back style supermarket shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-01
Supermarket shelves by column, every up and down, back, bottom plate, and other parts, for supermarket shelves in the back and include MuBei hole plate, mesh back, the back of a variety of styles, in the supermarket shelves of overall aesthetic still have played an important role in the stable shelf at the same time. Under the surface of supermarket shelves manufacturers, supermarket shelves, for everyone in short several kinds of common back style. Wood lagging shelves this kind of shelves in maternal and child stores, bakery food shops, such as import shops and other places with more, will tell from the appearance, wooden back goods is relatively beautiful, and will give the customer a very warm and friendly feeling, not too cold like steel shelves. Hole back shelf backplane is one of the more commonly used supermarket shelves shelves, more medicine for community small domestic supermarkets, convenience stores, supermarkets and other places, the service life of the stainless steel material make it longer, it is not easy to damage. Mesh back shelf back form also is often called back the net, net is the characteristics of permeability is very good, is also relatively more convenient in installation, applicable to the convenience store, stationery shops, such as more than like. Whatever the style of shelf has its own advantages, some of the more dominant in the beautiful sex, some are more dominant in the practicability, the operator should according to their own properties and for procurement of open store shelves have given psychological price to choose, do not blindly follow suit. You may not be good, cheap is not bad, only for their own is the best. Supermarket shelves factory for more than ten years has been committed to research and development and design, including space design, props, props, props measurements, such as logistics distribution, installation, after-sales, all-round quality service. Welcome calls for enquiry
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