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How to open a convenience store

by:Hshelf     2020-06-01
Convenience store core function is convenient, how to open good always convenient around the word in the convenience store, 7 - 11 convenience store do so thoughtful, convenient management tool or around the word. The following is the author is engaged in years of convenience industry to summarize some experience for novice reference: open investment to the convenience store? Convenience stores run by the trick is to the stability of the surrounding customers provide the most convenient shopping environment, after all is as easy as possible, so in the purchase of merchandise, not only to ensure that the categories of goods the same as far as possible, then have to according to the different change of each season of pile head commodity display, especially for the goods pile head frame should let the customer be clear at a glance you can find, convenient to call. Second, many pile head frame display exquisite principles, such as not too big, big, no focus; Miscellaneous, riot, affects the shopping experience. At the same time, convenience store aisle width should be set reasonably, generally not recommended about one meter. Want to open good convenience store at the same time, also have to put different goods, according to the different time period will promotion and customer frequently to buy goods are put in place. If in the peak of the pro also piled difficult-sell commodities, it must affect the shopping experience, but congestion is of the greatest killers in the convenience store. To open a convenience store how to set the height of the shelf? The height of the shelf is mainly to take care of children and children's needs, the highest shelf should not when more than 165 cm, followed by the height should not be higher than 7 layers. At the same time to make good use of pile head frame, this can be the main source of merchandise sales, according to the calculated customers stay on pile head of time is very long. Start small business. Early set up shop mainly mix a familiar face, let nearby customers all know here opened a new store, to find open for new store opening preparation. At the same time, according to the surrounding the quality and the needs of customers to provide more personalized convenience services, such as proper provide boiled water, inflatable for bicycle, mobile phone recharge, book the cake and all kinds of tickets, etc. This is further community to provide convenience stores popular support. , of course, how to open the premise of good convenience stores all or how much to the convenience store to choose a good address, address, after all, decided to abortion, abortion, of course, more than the rent is expensive. The author here today for you, I know that if it's going to be a good convenience store alone are not enough, this article focuses on share drive good convenience store experience, attitude can be better. Convenience store shelves is a professional full commercial equipment provider, if necessary can find our order convenience store shelves and freezers.
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