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How to store set up reasonable promotion area _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Either store or boutique shops do promotion will design the position of the biggest channel at the entrance or flow some promotion goods pile head shelf, the display shelf is not optional design put, but have the intention, according to the design. So for promotion, choose promotion pile head to display shelves and choose the appropriate position drainage is good. Another is the layout of the light environment, light irradiation can highlight the characteristics of promotional products to the greatest extent, use warm light to foil the overall environment, in order to achieve goods and achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the whole display environment, professional lighting design is proposed for promotion. Pile head shelves to the novel and unique, novel show enough and will make the customer to increase its interest, and further cause the possibility of their purchases. Designers in choosing a display shelf, in addition to considering and brand products image, show the overall environment, but also more about customers' shopping habits.
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