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New pharmacy model - The new design of Chinese pharmacy _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
After more than ten years of development, a pharmacy evolved out of the new new Chinese pharmacy, new Chinese pharmacy and the combination of modern style, Chinese style is sedate feeling appear antique lasting appeal, but not like Chinese style is serious, let a person reveal a comfortable sense. A, the collocation of color Hshelf shelf 】 New Chinese pharmacy whole decorate a style is concise and bright, two main colors are white and gray color, reflects the pharmaceutical industry should be clean and neat, simple and clear at the same time, highlight the modern fashion sense. Second, the functional division of pharmacy function division, mainly divides into prescription drugs, health care products, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) area and the cashier area and so on four big tectonic plates. Pharmacy set prescription drugs and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) against the wall, prescription drug use glass closed display. Three, cashier cashier area into the shape of the parabolic curve, make originally the rigorous pharmacy layout with a lively leap feeling, already beautiful save a cashier area covers an area of space. What's the relevant article recommended drugstore shelves display for the layout of the pharmacy shelves gold positions for the pharmacy shelves principles
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