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Remove the supermarket shelves smell method is introduced

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Many supermarkets or factory warehouse shelves is used as a special goods, especially used in the supermarket shelves, because of various kinds of products in the supermarket are put on shelves for customers to choose. With the accumulation of time, the goods are put on the shelf for a long time will inevitably produce some peculiar smell, the smell to timely clean, create a good shopping environment for our clients. So, if you want to remove the peculiar smell what are the practical method? To remove odor supermarket shelves are: 1, in addition to taste tea. The 50 grams of tea packed in gauze bag, in a storefront, can eliminate peculiar smell. After 1 month, remove tea in sunlight, can use repeatedly repeatedly, the effect is very good. 2, sandalwood soap in addition to taste. There are a lot of in the supermarket, because a lot of goods are need to be refrigerated, time is long in the fridge is sure to produce peculiar smell, so 1 piece is put in the refrigerator to remove the sandalwood soap wrapping paper, in addition to the peculiar smell of the effect is better. 3, orange peel in addition to taste. Take 500 g fresh oranges, eating oranges, put the orange peel wash wipe dry, scattered in the shelves. As the orange fresh scent spread slowly, quickly can purify the peculiar smell of the shelves. 4, charcoal in addition to taste. Crushed the right amount of charcoal, in a small bag, supermarket in each exhibition cabinet, in addition to smell good effect. 5, baking soda, in addition to taste. Take 500 grams of sodium bicarbonate ( Sodium bicarbonate) Partial shipments within two wide-mouth jar ( Open the bottle cap) , placed on shelves or in the supermarket shelves, peculiar smell can divide. Above is the supermarket shelves or in practical cases and odor removal methods, regularly remove peculiar smell, clean air supermarket, clean and pure and fresh environment to create a good shopping environment for customers.
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