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by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Beauty should be started with good convenience store on the local state-owned enterprises following enterprise group, is based on the famously 'world factory' in dongguan, its production capacity and advantages of cluster supply chain quickly, free delivery to store of logistics service, makes the appropriate good outshine others in the convenience store industry. And the appropriate outshine others, in the business observer, thanks to 'do convenience store only one thing' focus. From May 26, 2017, just more than a year of time, the appropriate new store 5000, convenience store meeting on May 12, 2019 in the United States should be preferred officially announced, according to the appropriate good stores more than 16700 across the country, its propagation velocity are second to none in the industry. Beauty should be preferred is developing so fast, mainly comes from the joining mode, convenience stores, beauty should be preferred stores less special, basic to franchise as the main body. In terms of sales, young people become the appropriate is the major consumer groups of beautiful, and there is no figure fresh, young people prefer if a store for a long time not to launch a new product, the attraction of the young people are not so big, so for the unsold goods, will be replaced with new products, to ensure the sales of goods. Second is put, commodity convenience store shelves design can always make you unconsciously all around on the goods again, goods display is also very beautiful idea. For example, toothbrush, instant noodles, snacks. This kind of marketable products, will be in a place where it is difficult to detect, because the vast majority of people are come and buy these goods. And unnecessary to buy, will be at the edge of the counter, or visible, when you payment have the thought of want to buy. Beauty in terms of shelves should be preferred by guangzhou Hshelf shelves, shelves company adopts field design patterns, do more suitable for every convenience store shelves to put the goods! 'Retail is detail', what do you think beauty should be better breakthrough when is 2 m? Hshelf shelf company has many years of experience in the design of the shop, professional rigorous system to provide convenient services for clients to set up shop, let you no longer for the display of store put the position. Where there is relevant article recommended guangzhou common convenience store shelves selling convenience store shelves display put what convenience store shelves in spring and summer how to adjust to better sell goods?
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