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Teach you how to discern the stand or fall of quality of special supermarket shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-30
Introduction: supermarket shelves in the shelf system is very safe, can effective display a variety of items such as clothes, shoes, vases, stationery, tools, etc. , and also be on display at the same time with the people and the brand product, so virtually can generate brand effect.

at present, the shelves of using range is very wide, both large supermarket or a small convenience store, whether large production workshops or individual workshops, whether multinational logistics company or in the same city logistics distribution, in order to effectively save the limited space, most people will choose to use shelves to store goods and products.

to teach you how to discern the stand or fall of quality of supermarket shelves?

supermarket shelves with both single supermarket shelves, Use) against the wall , double supermarket shelves, In the middle) And end frame ( For a row of the ends of the double sided shelves) 。 When buying shelves should be how to discern the stand or fall of quality of the product? Here, under the guangzhou shelves factory to share:

first of all, the welding process, it is best to identify, carefully look at the welding place is good.

second, depends on the material of supermarket shelves, shelves material in domestic has not unified standard, material is one of the best domestic baosteel SS400 and Q235, foshan, shelf factory all products as the standard.

again depends on the structure of the supermarket shelves, beam depends on how much you have linked and prison is not strong, closely, it remains to be seen whether hook and the pillar of the medial column to look at the uniform of cross-section bending condition, the more uniform, the better.

end depends on supermarket shelves of surface treatment, spraying the surface is bright and clean, smooth, colour and lustre is consistent.

hope the above rack factory, guangzhou to share about the supermarket shelf quality distinguish method can help you, thank you! If you are interested in supermarket shelves or have any questions, welcome to contact our online customer service on the web, or call: 020 - 31001639, we are always at your service!

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