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That is commonly used in pharmacy pharmacy shelves _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Different shelves display of drugs is also different, used to store valuable ginseng antler medicines such as ginseng antler ark, every pharmacy not just put a shelf is enough, the effect of different shelves for drugs are also different, if not perfect show the effect of the commodity, this may affect the sales of pharmacy, so what are commonly used in pharmacy pharmacy shelves? A, first of all, we according to the different display drugs to classify the pharmacy shelves. Drugstore shelves can be roughly divided into six types, ginseng antler ark, the medicine cabinet, prescription ark, single shelves, the shelves of medical equipment, pharmacy checkout etc. Different shelves display of drugs is also different, such as ginseng antler tank used to store valuable ginseng antler drugs; In the medicine cabinet square drawer is multiple, is used to classify a variety of Chinese herbal medicine; And pharmacy checkout is different from the ordinary convenience store cashier, multilayer, before placing a walk-in granule, paper towels, band-aid and so on. And commonly used in the drugstore drugstore shelves is single shelves, the shelf, then placed the commonly used western medicine, customers choose and buy. Second, the good classified shelves, we need to follow the following three principles, show the unique feature of our shop. Handling. Take care of the aged and children, shelf is unfavorable and exorbitant. Drugs should be given in a prominent place in the shelves, the light is enough, let be badly in need of customers can immediately notice. 2. Neat and beautiful. Shop decoration to pure and fresh and generous, let a person feel a bright before. To put drugs in a neat and orderly, the customer is the body is not comfortable, but when the choose and buy at least to be in a calm mood. 3. Related to put. Have contact relational or similar approximation of the drug to be placed in the same shelf, don't too far.
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