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The benefits of warehouse shelves use electrostatic pensu

by:Hshelf     2020-06-07
Warehouse shelves the benefits of using electrostatic pensu warehouse shelves the benefits of using electrostatic pensu in the making process of the shelves, warehouse shelves on the surface of the coating is to point to use solid powder coating instead of liquid solvent coatings, powder coatings are negatively charged by high voltage, by means of static adsorption of gravity in the coated surface of ground, heating molten ( Or curing) After the coating method. Electrostatic coating is a kind of new technology, used in powder coating without solvent and liquid ingredients such as dispersion medium. When using do not need to dilute and adjust viscosity, itself does not flow, melt to flow, not glued to the surface as liquid coating. Electrostatic spraying of powder coating warehouse shelves called plastic spraying. Its principle is to use corona discharge phenomenon make powder coating adsorption on the workpiece. Warehouse shelves for powder coating process is powder coating by system by gas into the compressed air spray gun, the gun front with high voltage electrostatic generator of high pressure, due to the corona discharge, near its intensive charge, powder by the gun nozzle jet, the formation of coating of charged particles, it is the role of the electrostatic force, sucked into its opposite polarity artifacts, along with the increase in the number of powder spray, is, the more charge accumulation, when reaches a certain thickness, because produce electrostatic repulsion, will not continue to adsorption, so that the workpiece to obtain a certain thickness of powder coatings. After high temperature to make powder melt and flow flat, curing, namely in the hard coating surface formation. Warehouse shelves electrostatic pensu has many advantages, to sum up, basically have the following points: 1, don't need to be thinner, construction on the environment pollution-free, harmless to the human body; 2, the coating appearance quality is excellent, strong adhesion and mechanical strength; 3 short cure time, spraying construction; 4, coating corrosion resistant ability higher; 5, do not need primer; 6, construction convenient, low technical requirements to the worker; 7, the cost is lower than with the effect of spray painting process; 8, some applications has explicitly put forward must use electrostatic pensu processing, 9, will not appear in the process of electrostatic powder spraying paint flow process of the common phenomenon; 10, spraying effect on the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, etc, is superior to the spray paint process; 11, fast development, in addition to like a hammer, orange stripes, grinding, highlights, inferior smooth, crack, flash, flashing silver, gold and other effects, have appeared in recent years, high temperature resistant powder, powder at low temperature, high weather resistance, water resistance, acid powder powder powder, low temperature curing powder, UV curing powder, etc. , make the electrostatic powder coating has a more broad prospects. Warehouse shelves, therefore, the application of electrostatic spraying technology of coating with high efficiency, good coating performance, without solvent volatilization, little environmental pollution and energy consumption, short production cycle, easy to realize automatic coating, etc. According to relevant report, with the meat, frozen food, cold drinks, dairy products and aquatic products, vegetables, fresh fruit total output of goods and the increase of traffic, in the next few years, the market demand for warehouse shelves every year will continue to increase.
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